• 發布時間:2020年02月12日
  • 來源:一汽-大眾汽車有限公司
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  •   由于公司業務發展需要,現需要招募大眾品牌市場經銷商展廳布置物料年度代理公司。敬請關注以下內容:

      Due to the business development, FAW-Volkswagen is going to recruit annual agencies for dealer showroom materials set-up. See more details below:

      1. 招募標準 Recruitment Standard:

      1.1 依法成立企業,具有有效的企業法人營業執照及稅務登記證明 ,有良好的商業信譽和健全的財務會計制度。參與招募的公司須成立于2016年1月1日之前,注冊資金200萬及以上,須在中國大陸設有固定辦公室及廠房設備;

      Enterprises established in accordance with the law, with an effective corporate business license and tax registration certificate, as well as a good business reputation and healthy financial accounting system. The company shall be established before January 1, 2016, with a registered capital of 2 million and above, as well as fixed office and plant facilities in Chinese mainland;

      1.2 公司須有3年及以上服務汽車客戶的資歷,設立在中國大陸辦公室及工廠各類專業人員總計40人以上(包括設備操作人員,相關工藝技術人員等);核心團隊需在10人以上(含10人),以2016年12月至2019年12月社保證明為準。其他人員需提供相關勞務合同證明。

      The company must have more than 3 years of experience in serving automotive customers, over 40 professionals in Chinese mainland offices and factories (including equipment operators, relevant technical personnel, etc.); The core team must be more than 10 people (including 10 people), and the social guarantee from December 2016 to December 2019 shall prevail. Others need to provide proof of relevant labor contracts.

      1.3 公司應具備與大型國際企業/品牌(或國內知名品牌)的同類合作經驗,并可提供成功的合作品牌案例(汽車類為佳);

      The company should have the same kind of cooperation experience with large international companies / brands (or well-known domestic brands), and can provide a successful case of a cooperative brand (Automotive preferred);

      1.4 公司連續三年(2017年、2018年、2019年)的單一汽車客戶經銷商展廳物料平均營業額不低于300萬人民幣;

      The company's average turnover of a single automotive dealer showroom material mustn't be less than RMB 3 million for sequent three years (2017, 2018, and in 2019);

      1.5 作為大眾品牌市場推廣部經銷商展廳布置物料代理公司,將配合市場推廣部完成經銷商展廳布置物料設計,制作,發運,安裝,維護等相關工作;

      As the dealer showroom material set-up agency of the Volkswagen Brand Marketing Communication Department, assisting the Marketing Communication Dept. with the showroom material design, manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance and other related work;

      1.6 具備多家物流公司資源,確保物料按時到店。

      Possess a number of logistics company resources to ensure that materials are delivered on time

      2. 招募須知 Recruitment Tips:

      2.1 簽約后業務范圍:大眾品牌市場部經銷商展廳布置物料業務

      Scope of business: showroom materials set-up for Volkswagen dealers

      2.2 商業機密保護:若招募成功,該簽約公司必須遵守一汽-大眾汽車有限公司相關保密協議。符合招募標準且有意愿參與招募評選的公司請將本公告第3條規定的資料簡裝版(密封處加蓋公司公章)通過順豐郵寄至一汽-大眾汽車有限公司采購部,須在北京時間2020年2月26日24:00前投遞,逾期提交的資料視為無效。另請以郵件形式通知EMS郵寄時間和EMS號,以備查檔所需。

      Confidential requirement: if the company is successfully recruited, it must comply with the relevant confidentiality agreement of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co. companies meeting the recruitment standards and willing to participate in recruitment selection need to mail the paperback edition (seal stamped) required in the third provision of the article to the purchasing department of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co through the EMS, before 24:00 of February 26, 2020 in Beijing Time, late submission is regarded invalid. Please also inform the time and number of EMS by email for tacking.


      See more details about our address and contact information:


      一般材料采購部費用采購科陳天琦 收  郵編:130011


      Address: Purchasing Dept. of FAW-Volkswagen, Anqing Road 5, Changchun, Jilin

      聯系方式 Contacts:


      Email: [email protected]

      大眾品牌:徐倩  0431-85866826

      Email:[email protected]

      3. 須提交資料 Documents Required:

      3.1 申報表(請見附件)請如實填寫貴司相關信息,加蓋公司公章并請法人代表簽字。

      Application form (see attachment) please fill in your information, affix the company seal and ask the legal representative sign his/her signature

      3.2 公司資質:經年檢合格的營業執照,稅務登記證,組織機構代碼證及其它證明材料;法人代表證明書或法人委托書;法人代表身份證、經辦人身份證;(以上內容請提供復印件;營業執照請加蓋公司公章并提供營業執照官網真偽查詢信息);中國大陸辦公室具體地址及相應成立時間(須提供證明材料)

      The qualification of the company: the effective business license certificate, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other certificates; certificates of the legal representative or legal orders; the identity card of the legal representative, ID card of the agent(above: please provide a copy of the above documents; please affix the official seal of the business license and provide the authenticity information of the business license) ; address of the office in Chinese mainland and the establishment date(must provide proof materials)

      3.3 公司管理機構及人員情況:管理層機構及人員介紹,具體業務人員介紹(數量、工作年限、資質等),物料制作設計等相關技術人員(數量、工作年限、資質等),設備操作,物料復檢,出庫發運等相關人員(數量、工作年限、資質等)

      The company management and staff organization situation, introduction of management and specific business personnel (number, work experience, qualifications, etc.) the team of materials design and other related technical personnel (number, work experience, qualifications and so on), team of the operation of equipment, materials review, delivery and other related personnel (number, work experience, qualifications etc.)

      3.4 物料制作廠房(位置、面積、資質等)物料制作設備(品牌,型號,功能等)物流發運渠道相關證明。

      Material production plant (location, area, qualification, etc.) material production equipment (brand, model, function, etc.) relevant proofs of logistics distribution channels.

      3.5 近三年(2017年、2018年、2019年)服務客戶情況:在中國服務汽車品牌客戶情況(服務時間、服務范圍等)(請提供合同為證)

      Customer serving experience in the past three years (2017 ,2018 and 2019): auto brand customer serving experience in China (serving time, serving scope, etc.) (please provide relevant contracts)



      The above documents and information must be true. If there is false documents and information, the recruitment qualification of the company will be canceled. Please try to provide bilingual documents.

      4. 招募流程 Recruitment Process:

      4.1 招募公告官網公布 Publish recruitment announcement

      4.2 收集應招代理公司資料 Collect agency documents

      4.3 相關資料篩選評審 Screen and audit collected documents

      4.4 如提交資料初審通過,將通知該公司下一步工作 If the documents are qualified, the company will be informed about next steps



      注: 本公告最終解釋權歸一汽-大眾汽車有限公司所有

      Note: the final interpretation right of the announcement belongs to FAW-Volkswagen

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